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Since we first opened our doors in 1989, we at Winning Blinds have been committed to the supply and installation of quality blinds, shutters, curtains and awnings at an affordable price.

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Traditionally made from timber, shutters have been used for many years to create a look of sophistication in any room. At Winning Blinds, we have a range of shutters available in a variety of materials - not just timber. With their unique functionality and timeless elegance, shutters allow you to take control of privacy, light control and ventilation in your home while staying in style. We can also custom colour to match your existing decor.

CustomCraft Shutters
Customcraft is a very strong product, due to its material being high density, often used for high traffic areas ie childrens rooms, kitchens etc.

Customcraft is a synthetic product, manufactured from a combination of timber fibres and glue, and is dimensionally very stable. It is used worldwide in the manufacture of home furnishings and finishings, and lends itself very well to the manufacture of shutters. It is extruded in conjunction with a polypropylene coating to give a smooth, even finish.

Options include:
Customcraft shutters are available in 5 colours.
Louvre size options are 63mm, 89mm and 114mm.
A wide range of frame options for inside mount or outside mount.
Rotation rod available in centre, offset or concealed.
Bi-fold or Sliding track systems

ABS Shutters
Are useful for moisture area applications such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundries as moisture coming in contact with this material does not cause damage.

This shutter is manufactured from a man made material known as ABS (Acrolonytrile Butadene Styrene) which means that this shutter keeps looking its best in any climate condition. Featuring UV-inhibiting finishes to maintain brilliance, ABS shutters are tested for high heat deflection temperature (HDT) to ensure your investment is well protected even in the most extreme temperatures.

 In everyday life, ABS plastic is injection moulded to make telephones, bike helmets, washing machine agitators, and pipe joints. This plastic can also be thermoformed to make luggage, golf carts, toys, and car grills. You already use this product in your day to day life, why not as a shutter on your window?

Options include:
ABS is available in a good range of paint colours.
There are a number of frame options for both inside mount or outside mount.
Louvre sizes available are 47mm, 63mm, 89mm and 114mm
Bi-fold or Sliding track systems

Phoenixwood Shutters
The wood grain characteristics of the Phoenixwood shutter material it an  exceptional addition to our shutter range. Phoenixwood shutters are available in a variety of standard stain and paint colours and being a natural timber, some variation in colour and texture may occur When stained, the distinctive wood grain has enhanced depth and character.

Phoenixwood shutters are made from timber, harvested from the Phoenix Tree (Firmiana Simplex) which is classed as a hardwood, and comes from the Sterculiaceae (Cacao) family of trees. Phoenixwood is a reasonably quick growing timber, a
nd is readily available. The plantation forests are managed for sustainability, ensuring an environmentally friendly and ongoing supply

Options include:
15 Paints and over 25 stains available
Custom Paint .
There are a number of frame options for both inside mount or outside mount.
Louvre sizes available are 47mm, 63mm, 89mm and 114mm
Bi-fold or Sliding track systems
Special Shapes - Circles, arches, Hexagons
French door cutouts

Basswood Shutters
Our Basswood shutters are made from premium timber (Tilia Americana Linden) which is naturally a medium density timber and as such is ideal for blinds and shutters, being neither too heavy nor too light, but still offering a reasonable amount of hardness, thus giving a good resistance to knocks and bumps. A naturally blonde timber, Basswood lends itself well to staining. While the close grain allows for an excellent smooth finish when painted making this a great all round product.

The Basswood used for the shutters and blinds is grown in China, Russia and North America as a plantation timber. It is a reasonably quick growing timber, and is readily available. The plantation forests are managed for sustainability, ensuring an environmentally friendly and ongoing supply.

Options include:
Louvres sizes available -  63mm, 89mm & 114mm.
Choose from operable or fixed louvres with centre, hidden or offset tilt rod
Bi-fold and Sliding Track systems
French door cutouts
Special Shapes – Arches, Circles, Starburst

Aluminium Shutters
Our Aluminium shutter range is an ideal solution for providing adjustable privacy, light and sun control for patios, decks and balconies. They are the perfect way to expand your living areas, and protect your outdoor rooms from harsh weather conditions.

Perfect for external situations and high moisture applications, aluminium shutters are made from extruded high tensile aluminium, and come in a range of standard colours, silver anodized or powder-coated in any colour on the Dulux/Interpon powder-coat chart.

Aluminium is an extremely hard wearing material that can handle constant contact with water and is not susceptible to movement or warping.

Methods of installation include:
Direct hinged, hinged in a decorative L or Z frame, fixed in place with top and bottom U channels, or as tracked bifold or sliding panels.
Most commonly used on decks and balconies, the installation process requires extra planning due to the weight of around 8Kg per square metre.

The plastic components used are made of ABS, therefore they are UV stabilized and protected against deterioration.

Bi-fold Aluminium Shutters



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