Ziptrak, Retractable and Folding Arm Awnings in the Hunter Region

Protect your outdoor living areas from the harsh sun and rain with awnings from Winning Blinds in Cardiff.

Available in a range of styles, fabrics and colours, an awning allows you to extend your outdoor living areas, creating a space for young children to play while protected from harmful UV rays.


Automatic Awnings - Curtains in Cardiff, NSW

Automatic Awnings

The most popular window awning, these systems have an automatic locking arm with fixed guide rods and self-locking arms, making them extremely easy to operate. Providing shade and sun protection, these awnings fold down when not in use, covered by a Colorbond hood to protect the fabric. For windows two storeys or higher, we can provide System 2000 awnings, which are easily opened from inside buildings. We have a wide range of fabrics and colours, including canvas, screen and acrylic for all of our automatic awnings.

Compact Cassette Awnings - Curtains in Cardiff, NSW

Compact Cassette Awnings

Compact cassette awnings are best suited to second storey windows, as they can be operated from inside using a winder box. Featuring fully retractable and spring-loaded arms that act as a pivot, these blinds open in an arch from the top to bottom of a window, from 5 to 180 degrees.

Awnings - Curtains in Cardiff, NSW

Fabric Canopy Awnings

Fabric canopy awnings are a popular option for many homes and businesses, and are available in Dutch hood, ellipse or half round styles. Featuring a rust-resistant aluminium frame, these awnings provide excellent sun and rain protection for doorways or small patios.

2019 Folding Arm - Yates

Folding Arm Awnings

This awning is designed to form a retractable roof shade for patios or entertainment areas. Choose between motorised or manual crank operation, with additional sun and wind control options. Plus, each awning has powder-coated fixtures and arms, complete with adjustable pitch control.

Verandah Drop Awnings - Curtains in Cardiff, NSW

Verandah Drop Awnings

Ideal for enclosing verandahs, these awnings drop straight down for complete privacy and sun protection. Choose between a rope-and-pulley system or spring-loaded roller mechanism to lower your awning. Additionally, tie-off options include straps, stainless steel clips, or bungie fastenings. Verandah drop awnings are available in a wide variety of fabrics or clear PVC, to ensure your view is never blocked.

Ziptrak Outdoor Blind -3

Ziptrak® Awnings

Ziptrak® blinds operate on a specially designed slotted track system that features no ropes, zips, straps or buckles. Gliding smoothly and easily, the blind can be stopped and secured at any position to guard against UV.